Globe Vision Solutions
Nairobi, Kenya


Electronics sale


January 2020
Release started


Designers - Developers

The website view on phone

GVS is a new smartphone seller in Kenya, providing affordable smartphones to consumers. The company faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence and reaching its target market effectively. With no previous online presence, GVS needed help creating a professional image and establishing its brand in the crowded smartphone market.

Proficient ICT was approached to help GVS establish its online presence and improve its branding. We provided the following services:

  • Branding: Our team helped GVS develop a professional, modern, and cohesive brand image that accurately reflects the company’s mission and products.

  • Social Media Activation and Management: We created social media accounts for GVS and provided ongoing management and content creation services to help increase the company’s visibility and reach on social media.

  • Leads Generation: Our team implemented targeted advertising campaigns to generate leads for GVS and increase its customer base.

  • Online Ads Management: We managed online advertising campaigns for GVS, targeting relevant audiences to drive traffic to the company’s website and increase its visibility online.

  • Website Design: We designed a modern, user-friendly website for GVS that showcases the company’s products and services and makes it easy for customers to find information and place orders online.

  • Website Management: Our team provided ongoing website management services, ensuring that the site is always up-to-date and functioning properly.

  • Sales Logistics: We helped GVS streamline its sales logistics, making it easier for customers to purchase products and for the company to manage orders and deliveries.

  • Product Photography: Our team provided high-quality product photography services to help GVS showcase its products in the best possible light.

The results of our work have been outstanding. GVS has received positive feedback from its customers and has seen an increase in its online presence and visibility. The company’s website and social media accounts are now professional, modern, and user-friendly, making it easier for customers to find information about the company and its products.

"We approached Proficient ICT to help us establish our online presence and we couldn't be happier with the results. They provided excellent branding and website design services, and their management of our social media accounts has helped us reach more customers and increase our online visibility. We highly recommend them."



Overall, Proficient ICT was able to help GVS achieve its goal of establishing a strong online presence and reaching more customers effectively. Our services have helped the company create a professional image and improve its branding, making it easier for consumers to find information about the company and its products. We are proud to have been part of this success and look forward to continuing to help businesses like GVS establish their online presence.