Cake 360 - Meeting your kneads


Cake 360 Bakery,
Nairobi, Kenya




October 2022
Release started


Designers - Developers

The website view on phone

Cake 360 is a popular bakery located in Nairobi that specializes in providing high-quality baked goods to customers. The company wanted to increase its online presence and reach more customers through its website. However, the existing website was outdated and not user-friendly, making it difficult for customers to find the information they needed and place orders online.

Proficient ICT was approached to develop a new, modern website for Cake 360 that would be easy to use and provide a seamless ordering experience for customers. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s needs and requirements, and based on that, we designed a website that would effectively showcase the company’s products and services.

We implemented a user-friendly interface that would make it easy for customers to find the information they needed and place orders online. The website was also designed to be visually appealing and appealing, with high-quality images of the company’s products and a simple, clean design.

The new website was a success, and Cake 360 has received positive feedback from its customers. The website has helped the company increase its online presence, reach more customers, and simplify the ordering process. In addition, the website has improved the company’s overall online reputation, and customers have reported that they now find it easier to find the information they need and place orders online.

Overall, the website has been a great success for Cake 360, and we are proud to have been part of its development. If you’re interested in learning more about how Proficient ICT can help your business increase its online presence, please contact us.

"Thank you Isaac for making the design process as easy as possible and for developing a website that my customers appreciate.."