Are you a Kenyan who is living abroad, with an intention to Bank and Invest back home?

Open your Diaspora Account with Paramount Bank and get a package designed to offer you the convenience to manage and control your bank account and finances your way, through online and on the phone.

Reasons to Join Paramount Bank:

Experience new things:
  1. Sending Money from abroad?
  2. Diaspora E-Account allows a Diaspora account holder to transfer money from a Paramount Bank account to any M-PESA account.
  3. You can easily connect your Paypal account to Elma,load funds in Kenya Shillings,and pay directly to a Paramount Bank Account.
Organise your life
  1. An opportunity to apply your Bank Account Online.
  2. 24/7 access to your account on cell phone.
  3. Reset & change your Pin online.
  4. Open a multi-currency account.
Save more
  1. No Leger fee.
  2. No Minimum Balance.
  3. No Cash Handling fee for Ksh Account..
  4. No A/C maintenance fee..
Spend less
  1. Get free subscription to mobile banking.
  2. Get free access to online Banking.